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By AySes Dunya

Campaign Complete. This project has ended on December 11, 2013. No more contributions can be made.

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Hello and good day, a dear friend and someone i admire greatly started her own lose to win campaign and inspired me to put myself up for this. to help others, to meet new ppl. to gain new experiences. I am having a private clinic in my home where i have been diligently developing my practice. I am a Metaphysics healer, with a Masters in Reiki, certification in Holistic Esthetics, and am presently studying TCM as well as gaining my Doctrine in Metaphysics. I have a great love for helping others. Presently i am offering a package presentation which involves the 5 Elements of Traditional Chinese Medicine. For Each Element i have developed a treatment. each treatment is $55. The elements are; Water, Air, Earth, Fire, Metal. For those that wish to experience all 5 Element treatments i offer a further discount, and each recipient will also receive a session of Reiki  while they have their Element treatment as a complimentary care~giving gift.

To learn more about my work please join us at www.lozenlotuslove.blogspot.com

Once you have made the donation here please contact me on my business line at 647-606-1896
OR by email at hello_ayses@yahoo.ca

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