Debbie Baxter

By ChannelOfPeace

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I am giving up the French Vanilla coffee that I usually buy on the way home from work each evening. That would account for $62.62 that I will pay forward,  but I am going to round it up to $65.00.  I will, also, encourage my collegues, friends and family to educate themselves about Emmanuel Jal, his biography, his music and the charities that he has established for empowering the African peoples (through education, entrepreneurship and the arts).

Thank-you Emmanuel for being an Ambassador of Empathy, Compassion and Peace. Thank-you for having the resiliency and strength to turn your pain into pqwer; The  Power of One!  Ooooh that EVERYONE knew THAT power that you use, also resides within them! Thank-you for being a living inspiration.

And I love your music, and your dance.

Sincerely and Gratefully,

Debbie Baxter

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