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By Emmanuel Jal

Campaign Complete. This project has ended on December 7, 2013. No more contributions can be made.

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I am a modern day nomad, i closed down my house in London. I now live in my office In Toronto until  i over come the challenge,  I have taken the challenge to raise  2,500,000 dollars to support the 3 charities and We Want Peace movement. All money raised here will be split to these charities. I will be doing many events mobilizing people to join me to reach this goal. If you read this please do not turn a blind eye, pick your self a challenge, take this opportunity to be a blessing to some body you may never meet. I will organize  chess  games to socialize, for social emotional learning, and create conscious awakening, and in the process raise funds for Lose To Win and attract more people to the site.  I will pledge an amount of money to play with some body. If i lose the  game my money goes to Lose To Win challenge and if i win i keep my money, but the person who loses gives their money to Lose To Win.. so watch out for me to challenge you.. What I will do also is I will get a sponsor to pledge a certain amount of money for me to play a person. If i win, the sponsor keeps their money and if i lose the sponsor gives the money to Lose To Win and  if the other person challenged  loses, their money goes to Lose To Win.

I will stop playing these games until we reach the target.

Check out the charities on this link. Learn about Lose To Win


One love in the struggle

Emmanuel Jal


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