Sudan Victims of the floods and rain


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August 8, 2013 (BENTIU) – Some 500 households are under threat following heavy rains in the state capital, Bentiu.

The South Sudan Reliefs and Rehabilitations Commission (SSRRC) said they are working in conjunction with other aid agencies to confirm the number of affected victims and to respond swiftly to calls for assistant.

More residents from Bentiu as well as ” surrounding villages, including Kuerbokni, Daresalam, Kordapdap and Nyienypiu have fled their homes due to heavy rainfall that hit the state capital during the past week.

Floodwaters have surrounded some parts of the town and cut off roads, leading to fears that more residents may be forced to abandon their houses.

SSRRC state director William Kuol Geng says low lying areas are among the worst-hit, adding that this is the second time in the past year that the area has been affected by floods.

He said the situation was causing panic among some residents, with many left homeless after the downpour destroyed their homes.

“We had rain from the first week of August and it affected the whole area of Bentiu … We have about 43 blocks affected by the flooding”, said Geng, following a visit to the worst-affected areas.

He says SSRRC is continuing to assess the situation on the ground before taking measures to address he challenges faced by victims.

Geng said SSRRC had received information from neighbouring counties also experiencing the same problem, adding that the entire state remained under threat of floods.

He said an assessment team was planning to travel to Rubkotna on Friday and that SSRRC had also received reports from the flood-affected counties of Guit, Mayom, Koch and Payinjiar.

Geng added that recent floods are beyond manpower and called on the government to intervene by constructing a channel into the town to drain excess water.

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